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More information about the name you can read here. Liela dzīve – mazi izdevumi. Concept of merchant in Latvia includes concepts: “sole trader” and “commercial company”. The authorized capital of a limited liability company. Shareholders and members of the board of directors make decisions on behalf of SIA. If a shareholder wants to sell his shares, the shareholder at first must offer the shares to other shareholders of the company.Commercial company means that the aim is to make a profit. From the owner of the property, where the legal address is located, you must receive the written permission to use the property for a legal address. The amount of the share capital, subscribed by each shareholder. Liability of SIA and its shareholders is separated, except if the shareholders agreed otherwise. Small capital SIA is suitable in most cases. But actually not existence of share capital, nor amount of the share capital can not guaranty protections of rights of creditors. It takes about an hour to certify a signature in Latvia. Founders incorporated so called "a small capital company". Founders can register a company without arriving to Latvia. In most cases a company has the right to start business immediately after registration. No restrictions for foreigners. Legal address must be in Latvia. If the other owners refused to buy, then the shares can be sold to third parties. To check if a company has valid VAT number, click here and fill out necessary fields. Personal liability of shareholders.

A foreign company can be the only shareholder of Latvian limited liability company. Certain decisions can be made only by shareholders. There may be other cases when it is necessary to register "standard SIA". Also, the "standard SIA" should be registered, for example, if in the future you plan to get a transport services license. A company must maintain accounting records. The amount of the share capital, payable before the registration of the company. Depending on the country where you certify the signature, legalization of documents or Apostille may be necessary.

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. Patēriņa kredītu salīdzinājums. Information about any duties, rights and privileges that during the process of establishment are granted to a person who takes part in the process of establishment of a company. Another company can not be a director of Latvian company. In reward the shareholders receive rights to make decisions regarding to SIA and receive dividends. Shareholder and member of board of directors of SIA can be different persons. In legislation is stated minimum amount of share capital and requirements regarding material contribution. The amount of allowable foundation costs and procedure of payment of the expenses. Status and features of SIA are stated in several articles of the Commercial law of the Republic of Latvia. In certain cases Latvian company has obligation to register as VAT payer.

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. If a company has chosen the micro-enterprise tax regime, then a company must pay the micro-enterprise tax. Legal person can own property, can get rights and undertake obligations, be plaintiff and defendant in the court. But some exceptions exist. For example, shareholders granted the right to a certain person to open a temporary bank account. A person who is not allowed to hold the post of board member. Legalization and Apostille is not required if the signature is certified in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan. Other important provisions which complies with legislation. Other important provisions which are not contrary to legislation. Minimum equity capital for this type of company is one euro. on profit The state mandatory social contributions payments. A company is not responsible for debts of shareholders, members of a board directors and a council. If the share capital will be paid in-kind contributions, then need to specify the data about persons who have assumed obligations to invest property in the share capital of a company. A person who has been deprived of the right to engage in commercial activities or to occupy the post of board member. There is a small capital limited liability company. To read information about costs, please, visit this page. SIA is the most common business form in Latvia. An owner of shares has the right to sell, donate and alienate shares in another way. The amount of the authorized capital, number of shares and par value per share. In this case, the text of the documents need to translate into the Latvian language. Foreigners also can be directors of a company. Information about a council and an auditor, if founders decided to create the council and appoint the auditor. A member of the board of directors can not be following persons: A legal person. Legalization or Apostille takes additional time. Also must list items of the property investments. Legal person means that a limited liability company is able to have rights and obligations. According to Latvian legislation, limited liability company has rights to open bank account in any country. If the charter does not contain such rules, then must follow legislation provisions. In such case you can certify the signature on documents before a sworn notary in the country where you live. Company can apply for VAT number, that includes tax ID number and words "LV" before the number. SMS Credit - Ātrais Kredīts līdz 425€ 10 minūtēs. If separately, then each member of the board alone has the right to enter into transactions on behalf of a company. Member of a council or auditor of the same company. In other cases do not need to specify duration of a company and a company can operate an unlimited period. Because in such case need permission of the tax authority to register company in the address. SaulesKredīts - Kredītlīnija līdz 3000€ 15 minūtēs. If founders have agreed to specific conditions of alienation of shares, then must specify the conditions. SIA Hedge Capital Company. If a company has a council, then it is necessary to specify number of members of a council. Member of council can not be a member of boar of directors of the same SIA.Alienation of shares of capital. Hedge Capital Company, SIA Plaša un juridiski pamatota datu bāze ar visiem Latvijā reģistrētiem uzņēmumiem, biedrībām un ārvalstu uzņēmumu pārstāvniecībām. In general, shareholders are not personally liable for debts of a company. "Standard SIA" should be registered, for example, in cases where it is impossible to meet the conditions, which give the rights to register a small capital SIA. Necessary time for preparation of registration documents is one business day after all necessary information is received. Number of shares owned by each founder of a company. Information about members of the board of directors. Latvian company has rights to open branches and representations in other countries. Also, it is necessary to specify the right of the board to represent a company separately or jointly. Shareholders make "global" decisions regarding a company